GLTP recognizes the existence and validity of other Masonic Jurisdictions, with different forms of interpretation of Tradition and different work practices, with whom it is proposed to maintain fraternal relations, at institutional and personal level, even when this is not possible in Ritual work.

General Operative Lines

The GLTP will accept Men or Women, being free the adoption by the lodges of internal regulations that stipulate if the Lodge is masculine, feminine or mixed. In any case the right of access is universal.

It allows and encourages discussion on historical themes, including the history of religions and religious ideas, as well as social issues and the topicality of the profane world. GLTP can take public positions on these issues, through the competent bodies.

GLTP will pay special attention to the major issues of today, which pose new challenges to Humanity, such as Bioethics, Nature, Life, Diversity, Globalization and Peace. It considers Science as a noble activity in the search for Truth and reconnection to the Great Architect, alongside Art and Religion.

GLTP will be an individual study and development academy promoting the awareness, spirit, sensitivity and initiative of its members.

The GLTP values ​​the thinking, the work and the action of all the People, Masons or not. Thus it will be open to the contributions of People from other Great Shops or from the profane world, in events and publications, or even in ritual sessions, duly adapted for the reception of the profane.

Fraternity is the core value of GLTP.

GLTP will promote Freedom and Equality between its members and in the profane world.

GLTP adopts the Universal Declaration of the Rights of the Human Person as a guide for action in the profane world.

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