The G.'.L.'.T.'.P.'. - Traditional Portuguese Freemasonry, is a Masonic Jurisdiction of free persons, men and women alike, with high ethical standards, who intend to cultivate the knowledge and action in the world. It is rooted on the Masonic operative tradition, and work as an initiatic school of spiritual and intelectual development, in fraternity.

Our profane work is carried out through the support, participation, membership or leadership of Associative entities for social care, development, cooperation, culture, sustainability, aligned with United Nations organizations or other multilateral initiatives.

GLTP recognizes a creative principle which designates, according to Tradition, the Grand Architect of the Universe. No religious belief is required for admission or membership.

It is based on the Human Person as a constituent element of Society. It recognizes the unique nature of each individual and diversity as characteristic of all human groups. It recognizes no difference between persons other than those resulting from character, ability and availability. GLTP subscribes the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The Masons of GLTP work in Lodges. The Lodges are the fundamental bodies of the Grand Lodge, and it is their duty to carry out the Masonic work.

GLTP adopts only the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, as a unified Jurisdiction. The Grand Master is elected by all the master masons and is the highest ruler, with exclusive authority over governance, administrative and representative issues. GM is the only one authorized to express publicly the opinions and views of GLTP.  The first three Degrees are administrered according to the Constitution of the Symbolic Jurisdiction. The High Degrees - 4 through 32 - are administered by the Supreme Council of the  33th Degree. The Sovereign Grand Commander is the supreme iniciatic and ritual authority.


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